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Porchetta is operated by 2 chefs offering a southern take on Italian BBQ Pork. Food truck and Catering since 2012


  • Porchettardu: Porchetta
    Windows are up and we’re ready for ya here @RaleighBrewing serving until 9!
    Fri Oct 12 2018 3:19:40 PM
  • Porchettardu: Porchetta
    If you haven’t made the trip yet, then mark this one on the calendar! If you have, then you know this is an event n… https://t.co/lwDFuToHRV
    Wed Sep 26 2018 7:22:04 PM
  • Porchettardu: Porchetta
    Just a few tickets left! https://t.co/5ehWykb7eE
    Sat Sep 22 2018 5:49:42 PM
  • Porchettardu: Porchetta
    https://t.co/jHX3D2kltH Get your tickets and help support our community park! https://t.co/jHX3D2kltH
    Mon Sep 17 2018 3:52:59 PM
  • Porchettardu: Porchetta
    Had to snap a picture before I inhaled it. Shout out to @boricuasoulnc for an amazing lunch! https://t.co/NdjhY3CyY9
    Tue Jul 17 2018 9:35:37 AM
  • Porchettardu: Porchetta
    @HannahCat2001 miss u & all r Southpoint regulars 2. Sorry we aren’t there 2 serve u, but glad we could make u happy if even 4 a brief time
    Thu Jul 12 2018 7:34:30 AM
  • Porchettardu: Porchetta
    Thursday, June 28th 11:30am-1:30pm Sheraton Imperial Parking Lot Featuring American Meltdown, Chirba Chirba, Mr. Mo… https://t.co/TuriSg9agg
    Thu Jun 28 2018 7:26:49 AM
  • Porchettardu: Porchetta
    Tonight @RaleighWineShop we are serving from 5:30-8:30. Meet the Importer! With Brazos Wine. #SouthAfrica #wine
    Thu Jun 21 2018 1:58:42 PM
  • Porchettardu: Porchetta
    Tonight we are at Friday on the Front Porch @CarolinaInn serving with @HibachiXpress from 5-8. Come enjoy some drinks, music, and food!
    Fri Jun 15 2018 1:37:39 PM